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Croatia | Split & Krka & The Islands

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I keep saying we spent a week in Croatia; it was actually 10 days, though, and that gave us lots of time to see some stuff. If we had been really ambitious we could have seen a lot more but we just wanted to relax so mostly we just took naps listening to the waves.

We started our time in Zadar then moved on to Vodice for the majority of our trip. From there, we took a couple of day trips. I really wanted to go to Plitvice Lakes- it was actually one of the main reasons I chose Croatia for our vacation this year- but Mike & I got into a doozy of an argument regarding fuel costs, lack of maps and/or GPS, and the 2 hour drive that would require us to get up early. I thought none of those things were a big deal since I wanted to take pictures of beautiful waterfalls. Mike strongly disagreed. He won.

Instead, we went to the smaller Krka National Park (only about 30 minutes away). You know those days when you wake up in a mood to fight with your Special Someone? When nothing else is going to come close to making you happy unless you can make them equally as unhappy? Yeah. Mike woke up in one of those moods that day. I swear the man picked a fight about everything he could possibly think of until I finally broke down in tears yelling at him at the bottom of the falls. It was a proud moment.

I don't tell you this so that you'll think poorly of him (or myself- it's actually really embarrassing that I cry when I get angry... or sad... or happy - I just have a lot of emotions, ok?!) but sometimes when I look at what I've posted I realize I only post the good stuff or the funny stuff. Sometimes we have crappy days and this was just one of them. I certainly have my days where I pick fights, too, probably more than he does, to be honest. I still love him. He's still my BFF.

But I totally blame him for my crappy handful of pictures of such a gorgeous place.

Krka (4)

Krka (5)

Krka (1)

    Krka (8) Krka (13)

Krka (5)

Krka (6)

Krka (11)

Yup, that's all I've got for the waterfalls... the part of our trip I was most excited about. Yeah. Sigh. Moving on.

After I flipped out and yelled and cried and stormed off into the wilderness on my own (ok, maybe it wasn't "wilderness" as much as a well cultivated national park with lots of planned walking paths and benches to sit on- which was very thoughtful of them because I needed a comfy spot to read my Nook), we decided to get over ourselves. Actually, that's not true. We finally made our way back to the car and I just wanted to go back to the apartment but Mike drove to Split regardless of my wishes. Sometimes the man takes his life in his own hands. 

As it turns out, Split was beautiful, but it still took me a while to get over being mad at him, so - again - I blame him for the few crappy pictures I took. 

Split (2)

Split (19)

Split (1)

Split (11)

Split (15)

     Split (16) Split (17)

Split (13)

Split (27)
     Split (4) Split (29)

Split (22)

Split (28)

Split (26)

Split (21)

Split (25)

How could I stay too angry walking around a beautiful city like Split? Short answer: I couldn't. I have a quick temper, but I don't hold onto things for long. I just don't have the attention span for it.

Croatia boasts over one thousand islands along its coastline and since we were there, we had to see a couple, right? So we rented a small boat and cruised around for the day. It was probably my favorite day while we were there. I just love being on a boat. I'm pretty sure I was a mermaid in one of my past lives.

We visited four islands and swam in the cold, COLD Adriatic Sea. We lounged in the sun. We got caught in a storm. We floated. We played. We did not see any dolphins.

Boating (14)

Boating (7)

Boating (6)

     Boating (4) Boating (5)

Boating (11)

Boating (18)

Boating (16)

Boating (10)

Boating (2)

Boating (1)

Boating (15)

Boating (17)

Boating (20)

Boating (19)

See that picture of Mike holding the Coconut Breeze Schweppes? That stuff is ahhhhh-mazing!! Seriously. Really, really good. We drank it all week because we knew we wouldn't be able to find it once we got back to Germany and we needed to get our fix. If you see a bottle in your local grocery store, grab it and thank me later. But only if you like coconut. I imagine if you're not a fan of coconut it's probably not very good. 

If you are planning a trip to Croatia or just want to know more about the details (you know, all the stuff I don't pay attention to or bother to remember), check out Army Life Travels written by another military wife here in Germany. She's great at keeping track of the particulars of travel. And it'll give you another perspective on this fantastic country!

4 Responses to “Croatia | Split & Krka & The Islands”

  1. love those pictures.

    xoxo tina.

  2. I didn't really know much about Croatia or even what it looked like. I didn't realize how BLUE the water is there. So pretty! It looks like paradise! And coconut soda? Yummy! I suppose they only sell that there?

    1. RE: the coconut soda: I haven't seen it anywhere else... :0(