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Hi-ya! I started this blog to keep our friends and family updated on the random shenanigans that go on in our household and also to reach out and make new friends all across the internet. For reasons beyond my comprehension, I needed a bigger outlet than Facebook!

Here you'll find posts about traveling, home decor, organization, DIY (or my attempts at DIY- I'm not too proud to show you how badly I mess things up sometimes), military life and what it's like to be a military wife. Plus some other random stuff, too, I'm sure.

A bit about me...

I come from a small town in Tennessee. I grew up picking cucumbers and chasing lightening bugs and catching frogs. Swimming in lakes & rivers, hiking through the woods, firework wars & wide open skies - that's the stuff of my childhood. That's home.

I went to the University of Memphis where my love for home decor and all things design really took root.  I really can't afford myself style-wise. Almost a decade later in Pensacola, Florida I survived nursing school - despite a lengthy deployment, multiple TDYs, and a big move across the pond. That was no small feat, lemme tell ya!

I was born & raised in church and am thankful to be a Christian. I'm excited about Jesus' example for my life and God's plans for my future. I feel extremely blessed that I grew up with so many great examples of Godly people in my life. It certainly has made it easier to trust God since life has a tendency to throw me curve balls! 

A few of my very favorite things are good books, fresh produce, fancy stationery, apple dumplins, and beautiful photographs. 

Wanna meet the man who stole my heart?

We met randomly on the corner of Beale Street & Third in downtown Memphis. I started tormenting him long before we started dating and - fortunately for me - he seems to enjoy it! 

He also gives as good as he gets.

Our life together isn't always easy but he's my best friend and can always be counted on to make me laugh. He's smart (almost too smart at times) and funny and honorable and mischievous. He's a rock. He's MY rock.

Shortly after we married he joined the Air Force and our adventure officially began. Over the past 10 years we've lived in Tennessee, Mississippi, North Dakota, Texas, Florida and we call Germany home for the moment. We've traveled all over the South and Midwest, to L.A., Mexico, and Canada, and now to many parts of Europe together.

He's a voracious reader and can almost always be found buried in a book with a cup of black coffee at hand.

I'm always happier when he's by my side.

Best Purchase Ever

Our story would not be complete without telling you about our incredible dog, Lola Rae. She's been with us almost from the very beginning and if I'm allowed a second BFF, it's her. 

She's usually such a daddy's girl but she loves her girl time, too... as long as I don't try to paint her toenails. 

She's my PIC (partner in crime) when Mike's away and she talks me into the wackiest ideas. 

Really, Lola, you think we should paint that wall even though our lease says not to? OK! 
What's that, girl? You feel pretty today and want to do a photo shoot? ALRIGHT! 
You're totally right, Lola, today is a day for napping, not cleaning the kitchen. Let's go nap.

Seriously, girls best friend right there.

People keep asking about babies - and, yes, we think we might finally be ready for that chapter. We're currently looking into adoption and trying to sort out when a good time would be (before PCS? after we move?) ... and really ... is there ever a good time to do something so big? (Answer: Not with the military. You just gotta jump in and do stuff!) Do we get to decide when a good time really is? Or is it more in the hands of God? I don't have all the answers, but I'm excited about our future and seeing our family grow... whenever that happens.

I hope you'll follow our journey! I have so much I want to share with you and have been forcing myself to take it slow since this blog is new. I can't wait to see what's in store for us! 

Disclaimer: I have an Amazon Associates account so if you buy anything I link to on this blog, I might get a small commission at no additional cost to you. I do not link to random things - only to products I've tried and liked or something I would be willing to try myself sold at a price I would be willing to pay.