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34 in 30 ... What I've Learned

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Remember when I talked about the Benefits of Binge Blogging and how I committed to 30 new posts in 30 days, even though my life is out of control crazy at the moment?

I did it. Today is Day 30 and I actually wrote, posted, and shared 34 posts in 30 days, thanks to all of those Awesome Christmas Markets I've been dragging Mike to for the past few years.

psssttt.... If you liked that series, I have a few new ones to share over Christmas week. (:

This Challenge has been amazing! Most days I feel like my head is going to burst with all of the things I've learned, like:

  • You've just got to have an editorial calendar - and use it! Printing one off and leaving it in a drawer isn't helping. Sarah offers up a great digital one and links to many more if you sign up for her challenge. 
  • I need a space to work in. Some people can probably blog very efficiently from their couch, but I'm much more productive when I'm sitting at a desk or table. Maybe it's the uncomfortable chair and lack of cozy blanket.
  • I need to step up my picture editing workflow. This is one of my biggest weaknesses and what keeps a lot of posts from being published. I'm working on solutions.
  • How to make list & link posts more engaging. There are secrets to this, who knew?! Sarah did, apparently, and she's willing to teach us. 
  • Calls to action, selling, and marketing - it's all covered in Her Blogging Challenge
  • Writing gets easier the more you do it. Fo realz.
  • Commenting on other blogs is soooo important. It's how you build a community. So when you read a blog that excites you or speaks to you, comment on it!

I've got lots of ideas for things I haven't implemented just yet, since I am graphic-design-challenged, but I think I will get them sorted out soonishly. I am working on them.

My short and sweet summary is this: 

This Blog Challenge Rocks.
Do It.

I kid, but, seriously, if you have a blog - whether you've been neglecting it or have been very active online, there's something here for you. If you're thinking about starting a blog, start on the right foot.

The Facebook Group is super supportive and everyone is really helpful. You'll find new friends, new blogs to read, and plenty of laughs. It's pretty fantastic.

But, hey, don't take my word for it. The Challenge is free! Go on over and sign up. Each day a new email with a new challenge comes to your inbox. You don't have to make your post about the challenge every day, but these tips will better your blog and your blogging habits.

Thinking about starting this challenge later? Bookmark this post so you can find Sarah's website when you're ready. Know someone who could maybe benefit or who loves challenges? Share it so they know!

Now.... tomorrow... to post or not to post? ;)