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Snapshot Sunday: A Cute Advent Calendar Idea

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mike and I spent the weekend traveling around to some Christmas Markets we haven't visited yet, walking around in the cold rain... and today we've both got a bit of a cold.

But, as mentioned here, I signed up for a blogging challenge 27 days ago where I promised a new post every day for 30 days. A little head cold might slow me down, but it's not going to stop me.

So here is today's snapshot. It's a small piece of a homemade Advent calendar from one of the Christmas Markets we've been to. I think it's super cute and I'm sure some of you crafty folks out there could have some fun with the idea. If you do, link up in the comments and let me see your awesomeness!

I hope every one of you is having a great December and your holiday plans are coming along nicely. 

However, if you find yourself facing a cold like we are, I rounded up some natural remedies and shared them here. My favorite one that we turn to every time we start to feel a little icky is simple: Honey + Cinnamon (enough to make it thick like paste). We take it by the spoonful a few times a day and sometimes mix it into an Apple Cider Vinegar hot toddy, which is just a shot of ACV + hot water + Honey/Cinnamon mixture. Easy peasy and it works without yucky chemicals.

Happy Sunday, everyone!