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7 Seriously Silly Tips to Keep Your Sanity During a Big Move

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yesterday I shared 7 Seriously Important Tips for A Smooth Move and I totally recommend reading it or pinning it to read later if you ever plan to move house.

If you're one of those lucky people who gets to stay in one spot and put down roots, please know that I aspire to one day join your ranks but, alas, that is not my life today. One day, one day....

Ok, so we're in the middle of a move from Germany to California (we don't do things by halves around here!) and here are my best tips for keeping your sanity when nothing is going your way.

Because there will be days like that. Today may or may not have been one of them for me; I admit nothing.

Copyright: nyul / 123RF Stock Photo

#1 - 3 Minute Dance Party 

Turn up the music and get your groove on. Don't worry about what you look like, just get that angsty energy out. By the end of a song or two, you're going to feel like a whole new person.

Family won't join you? Who cares!? You're going to be so happy in 3 minutes it won't even matter. Who knows, your dance party might last longer than 3 minutes and that's fantastic! You're releasing all that stress and burning calories! You go, girl! Or guy, whatevs.

#2 - Have Your Favorite Cereal for Dinner

It's fast, easy, and inexpensive. It's easy to clean up. And if you have a kids cereal, it's colorful and fun and the milk at the end tastes like candy.

I am not responsible for the sugar headache or tummy ache that may follow.

#3 - Play a Prank on Someone 

This is only limited by your imagination. Have a rubber snake? Put it in someone's bag. Fake spiders are fun, too, in all sorts of places. Mix Orajel and toothpaste on your significant other's toothbrush in the morning... after all, you're just being helpful.

Be prepared for payback, though. It will come. 

Playing pranks is only a good idea if you & the people in your household enjoy that sort of humor. If the person you're pranking wouldn't like it, then you've crossed the line into meanness. That's not the way to diffuse stress. Please don't be mean.

Some harmless ideas: Hard boil all of the eggs and replace them in the fridge. Set several random alarms throughout the day on their phone. Or give all of their contacts code names. Change something on their Facebook account if they stay logged in. A few years ago, I switched Mike's city to Sexy, Peru. We had a little laugh and he hasn't changed it back.

#4 - Water Fight

Load up on water balloons and squirt guns. Have everything prepped and declare "war" on your family.

Make sure you have some private stores hidden just for you.

#5 - Camping in the Living Room

The house is already a mess, so pull a mattress into the living room, drape some sheets from the boxes and have a family movie night or curl up and read your favorite books together. Block out the rest of the world and just spend some time being together.

You don't have to bring a mattress in, but your back will thank you if you do.

#6 - Sneak Out

If you need to be alone for a little while, do it. Make sure the kids are safe, of course, but the family will survive without you for a bit. Have your nails done, grab a coffee, do some window shopping, see a movie no one else will be interested in.

Take time for yourself and don't feel guilty for doing it.

#7 - Buy A Bag of Oranges

I read somewhere that peeling oranges reduces stress. The motions are repetitive which helps us calm down and the scent released is good for relaxation as well.

Added bonus: Oranges are high in potassium. Potassium can help relax blood vessels which may lower blood pressure. You can read more about that here.

When you're done with the peels, drop them in a small saucepan with water, some cloves and a dash of vanilla. Heat it up and let it simmer on low and your house will smell heavenly all day. Keep an eye on the water level, though.

Life gets stressful sometimes, especially when you're undergoing a major life change. Moving house is one of those changes; don't underestimate the effects it will have on you and your family.

But likewise, don't underestimate the effects your attitude will have on the outcome. Your attitude is contagious. If you stay positive and find ways to laugh every day, the journey will be a pleasant one for everyone... at least mostly. If you need to do that by being silly, do it! Don't be ashamed of your goofball side; flaunt it! Your family will thank you and you get to keep your sanity. I call that a win-win.

If you're moving soon, feel free to pin or bookmark this post so you can refer back to it when the road gets rough. If you know someone who is moving, share the love with them! Sharing is caring, after all!

One Response to “7 Seriously Silly Tips to Keep Your Sanity During a Big Move”

  1. Well this made me laugh Katrina!

    I spent months packing up. Losing things to a storage unit. Then walked over the boxes in the new house for a long time!

    I'd need to work on dancing or camping in the living room while prepping to move! I'd go with cereal and oranges tho. Anything food orientated makes me happy. Ha ha.