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10 Best Christmas Markets in Germany

Sunday, November 30, 2014

... and the surrounding countries!

All week, I've shared pictures from 10 of the Best Christmas Markets we've been to. 7 were in Germany, 2 in France and 1 in the Netherlands. We've been to a few smaller ones, too, but you'll find those in almost every village in the countryside.

In case you missed any of them, here's a quick recap:

ONE | Strasbourg, France. In the Alsace Region in France, this gorgeous little town is beloved by pretty much everyone I know who has been there. The people are friendly, the hot chocolate is to die for, and the Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg is magnificent.

TWO | Cologne, Germany. Big, busy, and with lots to do, Cologne (also spelled Koln) is for the city guys and girls out there. If you like hustle and bustle with lots of stimuli, this is a great market for you!

THREE | Heidelberg, Germany. Quaint pre-World War buildings are the perfect backdrop for this sweet little market. Heidelberg is always a joy to visit, but if you're planning to go for the holidays, try to go when the Castle Christmas Market is open, too. Remember, kids of all ages love the funicular train.

FOUR | Valkenburg Caves, Netherlands. For those of us who don't love the cold weather, Valkenburg Caves offers a respite in a world filled with ice and snow. Inside the caves is moderately warm and totally worth the entrance fee.

FIVE | Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany. That's a mouthful of a town name, but their Christmas market doesn't fail  to deliver. This town has Christmas spirit in spades!

SIX | Mannheim, Germany. Admittedly, this market is one of my favorites thanks to its proximity to where I live. Beyond that, it boasts plenty of easy parking, lots of restaurants and between the good deals in the market stalls (best I've found!) and the plethora of department stores and boutiques, I can check everyone off of my "nice" list in one shopping trip.

SEVEN | Nuremberg, Germany. If you'd asked me before I'd been to a Christmas Market what I imagined one being like, this market is what I would have described. Lots of variety, romantic ambience... I didn't even mind the cold. Much.

EIGHT | Paris, France. Because who doesn't want to go to Paris at Christmastime?

NINE | Burg Lichtenberg, Germany. Funny and a little kooky, this Medieval Market is a definite deviation from the norm. Dress up in costumes if you like (the more authentic, the better) and enjoy a step back several hundred years in time.

TEN | Munich, Germany. Truly gorgeous Christmas Markets. Bavaria at Christmas is magical and Munich is right at the heart of it all.

So, there it is folks. The best Christmas Markets we've been to and that I would recommend to anyone. I'm working on a list of the markets I would love to visit, so check back for that.

UPDATE: Check out This Post for my list of Christmas Markets I would love to visit before we leave Germany!

And, remember, sharing is caring! If someone you know loves Christmas and you think they would like anything from this list, please share!