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Munich Christmas Markets

Saturday, November 29, 2014

I know a few days ago I said if you have to pick just one Christmas Market to visit, Cologne would be a good choice because they have so much on offer. And it would be a great choice...

But so would Munich. 

I, personally, enjoyed Munich much more even though we had worse weather there.

If you can possibly be in or near Bavaria around Christmastime, Munich is so very beautiful and their markets are fantastic. There are over 20 to choose from all around the city but the big ones are near the Marienplatz. Within this area, there are small clusters of markets and they each have a different theme. From hand crafted goods to an entire market dedicated to Nativities - be still my heart! I do have a soft spot for a beautiful Nativity! 

Plenty of stalls have good food and snacks, there's the ever present gluhwein and kinderpunsch, lots of restaurants to choose from, and even a huge skating rink to enjoy... Munich has something for everyone. 

 photo MunichChristmasMarket2of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket1of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket3of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket5of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket7of17.jpg

I can't speak for anyone else, but I prefer snow to rain when I have to be cold. And I think a snow covered Christmas in Munich would be magical... but, unfortunately, that's not what we had the year we went. It started with an icy drizzle and towards the end of our evening, it was a steady rain. A very, very cold rain.

You can see in a few of the pictures that not very many people were out and about... that probably says more about the weather than I ever could because not much slows these hearty Germans down. Certainly not a little rain.

I hope if you ever get the chance to visit, you have better luck. But just in case, maybe consider packing a water resistant layer. You just might need it.

 photo MunichChristmasMarket12of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket11of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket14of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket15of17.jpg

If shopping the markets doesn't really interest you, the window displays in Munich were fantastic and some of the most festive I've seen.

And at various times during the season, they have music and singing to enjoy as well. If you're really lucky, or plan your trip well, you'll get to see some of the drama performances and street performers.

 photo MunichChristmasMarket16of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket17of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket13of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket8of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket10of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket9of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket4of17.jpg

 photo MunichChristmasMarket6of17.jpg
This whole nativity display was crafted  with simple rocks. So creative and beautiful!

If you're heading to Munich, I suggest looking for a hotel as close to the Marienplatz as you can find and balancing that with something along a tram line. Munich's tram system runs very efficiently (of course!) and it's the easiest way to get around the city. 

Keep in mind, too, that parking can be expensive. I don't have recommendations for that because it will just depend on what is available when you get there. I'm not familiar enough with these cities (having only been once or twice) to say for sure where to find a good garage. We always head to the area we want to be in and then start watching the parking signs and find a spot. In a pinch, we will use the GPS Parking function.

You can find more information, including opening times, here.

Let's talk! What's your favorite Christmas Market? Or which one do you think you would most like to visit? Let me know in the comments. 

4 Responses to “Munich Christmas Markets”

  1. Love your photos. Wish I were there!

  2. Oh this takes me back - I have happy memories. My second husband and I made our wedding plans in a snow covered Munich market! It evokes some very happy memories (and how I loved the chocolate dipped bananas) Sadly the marriage didn't last but the memories did!!

    1. Those chocolate dipped bananas are amazing, aren't they?! I'm so happy this post brought back some happy memories!