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Mannheim Christmas Markets

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I think a lot of people maybe overlook Mannheim and what a great little city it is. From Kaiserslautern, it's a short drive away (maybe an hour) and about the same on the train. The best part about the train is that it drops you off right in the heart of the downtown area, where there's tons of great shopping, many restaurants to choose from, and in the summer it's a close walk to two beautiful parks (Friedrichplatz around the water tower and Luisenpark a few blocks over).

But you don't want to hear about that stuff, do you?

Of course not! Christmas is way more fun!

 photo MannheimChristmasMarket7of13.jpg

 photo MannheimChristmasMarket12of13.jpg

 photo MannheimChristmasMarket9of13.jpg

The markets in Mannheim are set up all over the downtown area, in the Marktplatz, the Paradeplatz, and the Friedrichplatz most notably. Those are the easiest to find, but there are smaller ones as well if you want to walk or drive around.

Last year in the Scipiogarten on the backside of Englehorn Sports was a very small market that had lots of really nice artisan goods. Alas, they also had a "no photography" sign. Understandable, since everything was handmade and so beautiful. 

 photo MannheimChristmasMarket8of13.jpg

 photo MannheimChristmasMarket3of13.jpg

 photo MannheimChristmasMarket2of13.jpg

 photo MannheimChristmasMarket13of13.jpg

I felt like they had a really good selection of things to buy in Mannheim. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, home goods, Christmas decor, and even the art pieces mentioned above. And it's nice to be able to pop into a heated store every now and then to warm up a bit.

The market on the Friedrichplatz had the best deals I've seen anywhere on some really pretty Christmas pyramids, which is why I'm skipping Thanksgiving tomorrow and heading to Mannheim. I've lived here for 3 Christmases and I still don't have my own pyramid. Tomorrow is my day! 

 photo MannheimChristmasMarket11of13.jpg

For today, my biggest decision is whether I should get a pyramid with snowmen or a Nativity scene on it? Hmmm.... decisions, decisions....