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Travel Extravaganza Recap

Saturday, November 22, 2014

What's up, party peeps?! Please don't be offended by my calling you a "party peep"...  I'm not actually cool enough to use terms like that in real life so I try them out here on the blog. It's entirely possible I'm not cool enough to use them here, either, but I've had a lot of sugar today. 

Actually, I've only had part of one sweetened tea so I'm not sure where the over-hyper mindset has come from, but over the last hour or so these are the topics I've talked to my husband about annoyed my husband with:  {{Please stick with me, this post does have a point. I promise.}}

Oh my gosh! Look at those cute boots. But I already have cute brown ones and these aren't as cute in black.

Did you get that shirt? I really liked it. I think you need it.

We should go to Paris. Paris is always a good idea. 

Do you think gold is a color I can wear? Do you think it washes me out too much?

Oh LOOK! These boots are adorable AND black. 

I think a gold sweater would be nice for Christmas. And it would look good with my normal make up, right?

Awww, these boots are too big. But they fit kind of like my favorite brown ones. Maybe it's a sign.

If you don't want that shirt, you should get the sweater. I think you'd like it a lot.

Do we have bread? I think I'm out of yogurt.

I've really been wanting black boots; I think I'm going to get them.

At this point I feel like I should tell you that my poor, dear husband has barely done more than stare blankly at me and occasionally nod his head. He does like the black boots and the idea of a gold sweater, by the way. But I'm not sure if he just agreed to shut me up or if he knew I wouldn't have registered anything he said anyway. I am pretty certain he regrets going shopping with me.

As you can see, I am in no state of mind to write a proper blog post for you lovely people (ADD at it's finest right here!) BUT I did share a LOT of information this past week and in case you missed anything, I'm going to recap it all right here for ya!

On Sunday, I shared a little Ireland Sneak Peek with you. I can't wait to show you all of the beautiful places we saw while we were there, but this week I have a little something planned to help even the Grinchiest among us get in the holiday spirit. And it's one of the coolest parts of Germany - but you'll have to check back for that!

Monday was very popular here on the blog with my post about Giving Yourself Grace and Never Apologizing for who you are. I cannot tell you how humbling it is and how happy it makes me that those words resonated with so many of you. Keep celebrating your awesome selves, sisters! And misters! Hey, guys are awesome, too!

Tuesday kicked off a 3-part series with My Top Tips for Getting Around Europe.

Wednesday followed it up with My Favorite Ways to Find Great Hotels.

On Thursday we started learning how to Pack a Little Lighter.

And on Friday, I wrapped it all up with a good laugh about My First Misadventure on a Budget Airline.

There ya have it, folks! All those great tips in one easy to find spot. I hope you found something helpful in there. 

I'm going to go try to calm down now. Or maybe go for a run, since I have so much energy to spare today. 

Oh, who am I kidding? I don't run.